This is Dawn's break through radio project. Contains the hit single The Promise of Love (duet with Jerome Olds), Canopy, No Earthly Reason, I Believe in You, A Love That Leads to You (a song Dawn wrote for her daughter) and Sister (written in memory of her sister, Shari), which she performed at the conclusion of the CBS feature film based on her life story, Nightmare in Columbia County. (1996)


  1. Canopy | sample
  2. Trying to Live Without Your Love
  3. Standing On the Message of Love
  4. No Earthly Reason
  5. I Believe In You
  6. Song for My Heart and Soul
  7. Love That Changes Me
  8. Love That Leads to You
  9. The Promise of Love
  10. Sister | sample
  11. You Are So Beautiful


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