Singing Stuffed Animal (Personalized)


With the addition of my new CD "No One Like You", the folks at Friendly Songs have added the tracks from this CD to the song selection list in their Personalized Singing Stuffed Animals. Any one of the tracks from this album are now available to be put into the music module that goes into the stuffed animal.

First select the name you'd like and then select the song that you'd like it to play. Friendly Songs will put that song into a special music module and send with the Stuffed Animal of your choice. You just add 3 'AAA' batteries to the music module and put it into the animal. Your child would then just squeeze the animal to get the music to play.

Besides the lullaby tracks from the "No One Like You" collection, you can also choose from some of the other personalized music Friendly Songs offers including a Birthday song or a Message from Santa. Below is a sampling of the different tracks that are available to be loaded into the sound module.

The stuffed animals have gotten rave reviews from the folks at my live performances so I've added it to my web site to make it easier for you to order from Friendly Songs. Just click on the "Purchase at Kid Music!" button below to order. Or click on the "More Info" button to find out more about this wonderful item.

Choose from one of these great songs for your own Cuddly Singer!

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